Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mavericks round up Ragin' Bulls

It was hard to tell how well Hickory Ridge would match up agianst the Marvericks of Marvin Ridge. Once the contest was over the question still was not answered as misques and penalties plagued the Ragin' Bulls all night.   Marvin Ridge 31- Hickory Ridge 6

Going into the Union County venue, the game was spotlighted by WBT, channel 3 as one of the early season match ups.  Early on the Ragin' Bulls seemed to have an answer to a 1st quarter 1 yard run by Mavericks quarterback, Tyler Chadwick.  The one big 1st quarter highlight was a 75 yard bomb from Blake Sides to wide out Jacoby Thompson.  After a failed point after, it was the end of scoring for Hickory Ridge.  The next 3 scores posted by Marvin Ridge came on a 22 yard field goal by Matt Frein, then 2 TD passes from Tyler Chadwick to wide out K.J. Brent.  The first was a one handed grab in the left side of the end zone for 8 yards.  The second was 57 yards down the left hash mark.

Marvin Ridge enjoyed short field on many of their scoring drives, that plus misques by the Bulls, never allowed Hickory Ridge to make a challenge.  The second half bright spot came on an interception by Ragin' Bulls DB, Kyle Temple.

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Go Bulls!


  1. Nice job whoever put this together, keith!!!!!!! I was surprised at the Bulls showing last night, at MR. Seems like some of our old habits crept back in. As the old saying goes, if you take care of the little things the big things will take care of themselves. We have good receivers, lets throw more short passes and leave the bombs til the end of the game.

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